Struggling since 10 days: Not able to launch second meeting from Zoom JWT App credential

We have 2 licences pro accounts of zoom. And create a JWT app to integrate with 3rd part application.
We create 2 meetings from a 3party applications for same time (expecting two concurrent classes with 2 liecence) through API using JWT credential.

  • We are able to launch 1st meeting but when the second meeting launch -it gives error- The Host has another meeting in progress

-While creates a meeting with JWT- we are send - start_time of meeting, duration of meeting, timezone for meeting, title for meeting. Thats it.

Please help us- with JWT app- it should allow us to run 2 meetings as we have 2 pro licence.

The “Create a meeting” endpoint requires a userId to be passed in the path (/users/{userId}/meetings). Are you passing different users when creating your meetings, and have both of those users been assigned licenses? Normally, each host is expected to follow a single point of presence when meetings are running, or that would allow a single licensed host to run more than one meeting, bypassing the license limit. If you have a Business, Education, and Enterprise account, then you can host two meetings simultaneously.

We are just passing with JWT keys authentication:

‘start_date’ , ‘meetingTopic’ , ‘timezone’ , ‘duration’

to create our meetings. We are not any passing any userID (because we are not using oATh)

@Zoom_Staff , please help

I’m using JWT as well, and still consider the userId to be mandatory since a specific user needs to act as the host. Your JWT application is acting on behalf of any user on the account, so you need to be specific about which user. Otherwise, you’re letting Zoom decide and they probably won’t pick the host you want to use.

Did you only create JWT credentials on one of the accounts?
And are you using that token to create both meetings?
I would interpret that it is using the user associated with the ‘primary’ account


Generally, the "The Host has another meeting in progress* error is given when the feature is not enabled on your account. Can you confirm whether you have hosting concurrent meetings enabled for your account?