Multiple queries on zoom capabilities

Hi Team,

We are into edtech company, and we follow a model of one teacher(moderator) and multiple students(5 to 7), where moderator and students joins the live session via zoom links. To move forward with zoom we need answers to the following queries:-

  1. We would like to schedule multiple parallel sessions(From one point/account), what would be the best way to address it? (API/ Regular method). Please note that the entire operations with Zoom need to be driven via API as it’s not scalable to manually login to Zoom and manage the meetings (Need to know options/ solutions available).
  2. We would also like to accommodate rescheduling of sessions, also constant adding and removing of students, what would be the ideal way of doing that?
  3. As of now everything is being stored in zoom cloud and they have limited storage, we would like the recordings to be either directly stored into Amazon S3/ Glacier, what are the integration options available here.
  4. Also when the recorded videos are sent/downloaded/saved, we want them to saved as the meeting names themselves not as the random names being generated by zoom
  5. Can we embed Zoom meeting within our WebApp rather than joining on a different window
  6. Can Zoom Chat, Polls, Surveys be auto ingested into our system at the end of meeting Or Are there any APIs or provision to add our web hooks to get all the data associated to a meeting at its completion?