Multiple spotlight video ( picture in picture)

Actually v5.2.2 is causing some issues to me, because there is no android version compatible with multiple spotlight, and when there are two or more cameras in spotlight, the android client highlights anyone that is speaking instead of only those that are in spotlight, it just seems like no one is in spotlight anymore.

Yes i’m aware of that. The client with the newest version (desktop) able to see the multiple spotlights on primary screen, but the android / ios version didn’t get the ability to view the multiple spotlights, most of my participants using mobile version. Also the dual / second monitor is still showing 1 spotlighted participant.

In our typical application we do not want mullti-spotlight. I have 5.2.2 MacOS. I need to turn off mulit-spotlight so it defaults to one spotlight participant at a time.


@tommy It’s great to have multi-spotlight in 5.2.2… but sadly we have now lost the ability to replace a single spotlighted participant. Ideally, Zoom should allow multi-spotlight as an additional (or secondary) use case, while still supporting the primary use case of spotlighting one participant at a time. Without the ability to replace spotlight, 5.2.2 is basically unusable for our organization. We’ll have to downgrade to 5.2.1 until this is addressed.

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Same here and fully agree… but where can we download the previous version?

I was able to rollback to 5.2.1 from web archive. The installer is signed, so it should be safe.

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Looking for a Mac version, but thanks! Latest on the WayBackMachine is from June 28, looks like version 5.1.2:

Wayback Machine

Will have to do for now.

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We are having the same problem with our organization. We want to spotlight one person at a time and in our role we are changing the spotlight every 15-20 seconds. This is causing many issues right now.

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Hey @tommy,
Is there a way in the zoom room to pre-determine that the room will be in the spotlight?
I use a zoom room in our university classrooms and I want only the lecturer and his board to appear in the “record in the cloud” and not the students.

I concur with Carol and a few others here. It should not be the only option. We need single spotlight option back with multi-spotlight as an secondary option.

Not only iOS and Android apps, the Cloud Recording also doesn’t support the multispotlight feature. That is, if more than one person is spotlighted, the recording displays anyone speaking as if nobody has been spotlighted.
I can understand the not-yet-updated client apps not supporting this feature, but the Cloud Recording?
Well, thanks so much for ruining the recordings of many (large) meetings :confused: :slightly_frowning_face:

Also, yes, agreeing with all others, this definitely should be a secondary option.

~ Fatih

Love the fact that Zoom listens to its users and implements these features. We also quite regularly can benefit from multi-spotlight. More often than not we need the spotlight to stay exclusively on one person, with new spotlight automatically cancelling the previous (basically, old behaviour). Can it be an option in the settings or a separate button at least? Something like “Add to spotlight” or in the opposite case “Switch spotlight”


Just adding, it’s important for the user experience to be consistent across all platforms. Right now, you don’t get multiple spotlighting on iOS or Android. We wish to produce a meeting in which we not only know what everyone will see, but can control that for everyone too.

The new multi-spotlight feature has additional problems. For example, if you spotlight two participants, then a third opens his mic, on tablets he will be auto spotlighted, on computers with the latest version they will still see the two spotlighted participants and won’t see the new participant. It’s REALLY important that a co-host be able to completely control spotlighting as seen on all platforms.

It’s also important that we can turn multi-spotlighting on and off. We do a lot of single spotlighting. With the multi-spotlight feature, it’s extremely cumbersome to spotlight a new participant, then cancel the previous one. For a second or so, you see both while the co-host chases down and cancels the first one. But since multispotlighting is useful too, we need to be able to turn it on and off, and have that follow for all participants.

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