Mute 3633 You have reached the API limit for this call


I’m using the Zoom Meeting Web SDK v2.9.5 to connect to an existing meeting and mute/unmute microphones of attendees using the ZoomMtg.mute method. I have a button that toggles the microphones for each meeting attendee. I found that if I start clicking the button fast enough, I start getting the following error message.

mute 3633 You have reached the API limit for this call

I made sure init was only being called once. I find that if we wait a couple of seconds between clicks, it works flawlessly. However, if we click the button in quick succession, we start seeing the error above from the SDK and can’t mute/unmute the microphone. It looks like the rate limit for mute is fixed, but I can’t find where that’s defined in the documentation. Is there anything we can do to increase the rate limit?

Any help you could give me would be appreciated, thanks!


mute 3633 You have reached the API limit for this call.

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I work with Matt and have been struggling with this same issue. You can use the SDK sample project project as a baseline. I called ZoomMtg.getAttendeeslist to get the list of attendees, then set up a button to call ZoomMtg.mute on one of those attendees. Clicking that button fast enough recreates the error. You can count to 2 between clicks and won’t see an error, so it definitely is being throttled. Do we need to upgrade our subscription to remove the rate limit?

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While there isn’t a method to increase the rate limit on the mute button you can debounce the button as you have done.

However, we don’t have a method to increase this limit.

Do you have a use case where users need to mute/unmute quicker than that?

We do run into this quite regularly during the course of normal debates, typically as we try to switch from one speaker to the next. If we click a button that sends a mute/unmute command more than every couple seconds, we hit the error, which can be very disruptive as our moderator needs to pause or ask someone using the zoom client to intervene.

Also, we still haven’t seen any specific documentation on what the actual rate limit is. Can you provide that?

Thanks for following up on this. We don’t have any information on the internal rate limits that the SDK uses. I’ll check with our team to see if this is something we can provide and to see if there is any flexibility with those limits.

I’ll let you know what I hear.