My app is getting refused

my app type : outh
user managed

i got refused and send me this . and i can’t solve or reply with technical answer …
but i tested when i didn’t check it i cant start meething … i cant schedual and create meeting when i check it …
zoom reply:

  • “Shared Access Permissions - BLOCKER
    • In your submission, you specify that we need to allow shared access permissions during authorization.
      • Why is this a requirement? Please provide a technical explanation that illustrates you understand what this feature is and why/when your app is using shared access permissions
      • While we understand you received other guidance from our support team, our process as app Marketplace specialists is the final word in this case.
      • Quick explanation - User with Shared Access: The App has access to information associated with the user that installed the App, as well as the information associated with any users that have delegated additional access to the installing user. → Why does the Jobs in Deep application need access to other user’s delegated access? In all of our tests the application is simply a user-level application that does not call the API on behalf of other users. The interview scheduler would never need to call the API on behalf of another interviewer.
      • Please remove this requirement or provide a detailed explanation as to when and why the app ever needs access to other user’s delegated permissions.

Please read the following support documentation on this subject: here.