NDI Support

Well MS Teams has now released their NDI implementation, and it works really well. Zoom is becoming less and less attractive as a proposition.

i just replied to you in another related question, asking how you can isolate participant video without NDI … and then i found this NDI SUPPORT feature request thread and your post…

so seems we have the same problem and we both think to NDI as the solution :sweat_smile:

+1 for NDI in Zoom ASAP

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Yep…:wink::nerd_face: you are right man… problematic without naive ndi support.

However, another workaround currently is to use ndi scan converter.

We NEED native NDI support, how hard can this be?

can you please tell us more? as you noticed, this is a very common request, need to have an answer by zoom team…

thanks for all you’ve already done