NDI Support

+1 for full NDI support. As many have said, it would be a game-changer in regards to how the product is used. At the moment, no NDI is letting Zoom down


We can not let this thread be closed until we have the resource available!

We had to adapt all the onsite events to digital versions using Zoom. We need to improvise and do some workarounds to make them look like professional broadcasts. NDI support would be definitely a game changer! It will open a lot of new possibilities and then we really will be able to reach a top-quality production using Zoom.

I am +1ning this as well. I’d love to see this integrated for Podcast recordings while also live-streaming the call. Skype has it, but having Zoom as an alternative would be amazing.

The NDI support is not even in the Zoom Developer Roadmap. I cannot understand why.

As said above, the developer roadmap has nothing to do with NDI.

Another one that would love to have full NDI support for live streaming through OBS, I think it will be game-changing for many streamers, not even discord has this yet and it’s their main segment, so zoom can benefit from that if NDI was an option

We need NDI in Zoom for improving live events. Please, update!!!

The bigger question is… how does Zoom not have NDI support yet?

+1 to begging for NDI support please. Huge QOL feature for so many people that we need.