NDI Support

actually for me still not released the 5.7.0 :unamused:
its seems the 5.7.0 only available now for mac. windows still not.
but really appear no option about NDI to set up. maybe still a working in progress…

Yes 5.7.0 for me on Mac. Fingers crossed for an update!

actually im talking here with support chat, and its seems this subject is a little blurry. they don’t know how to explain it. they told me to use NDI as a custom streaming service(RTMP one that already exist) :man_facepalming:

I understand that “NDI live streaming consent Participants are notified when live streaming through an NDI device begins…” happens only when used by a device such as Tricaster for example

Nothing new as expected…

yep. could be, actually, there’s no much information, but, the support told me that will be possible to stream NDI from Zoom.

Zoom is working on this in an eternal and closed beta. =/

There is infuriatingly little information on this coming from Zoom. I’ve got 5.7 (Windows) now and there’s nothing in there about NDI that I can see.

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 9.33.04 AM

I get these new settings options but this doesn’t really seem NDI-y…

Custom Live Streaming settings

It sort of makes one wonder if NDI is being used internally to support this Custom Streaming Service option. The reference to “NDI live streaming consent” could be that implementation detail leaking through the release notes.

Edited to add: In any case, I’m still interested-bordering-on-eager to have native NDI support in the Zoom desktop client.

Zoom Rooms / [Room] / In Meeting (Advanced):


We’re watching it!!!

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What am I looking at here? Is this Rooms-only? Am I able to access this setting for meetings on my [paid] account? Am I missing something?

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yep. i saw here, zoom add the ndi feature to zoom rooms. i think is a great step to introduce it in zoom meetins/webinars. im testing it im zoom room to see how it works.

Now so that everything works we need Zoom Room update 5.7.0, currently on 5.6.7 (3642.0606).

C’mon Zoom. Help. :cold_face:

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 15.27.52

ZR today’s update 5.7.0

testing now

Where you able to test this? Not seeing NDI options after enabling the feature under account settings

I only see this option in the zoom room settings. I think it is not working as it should. :face_vomiting:

Today I tested Zoom Room’s NDI and it worked very well with OBS. Only 3 NDI connections with separate audio are available.


What even is Zoom Rooms? I can’t get last the marketing nonsense to understand what it is supposed to be.

The Zoom Room needs to be a host or co-host in the meeting. You then select the participant from the list on the Zoom Room controller, under pin video you can select what NDI output to send it to.

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