NDI Support

Thanks for your hard work. This tools is simply amazing.

I hope Zoom’s developers learn something from andresavic and appreciate their work.


@rafbarros I am very happy that you like my application. A “native” version for Apple Silicon will be published in a couple of weeks.


EDIT: Had to change the ETA of M1 version.


Great tool! but I see that this is not an option when using screen sharing, and resolution is limited to 360, am I wrong?

You are not worn… You can find tickets for this on the trello roadmap: Trello

There are also topics here in the forum open because its a bug and a limitation of the Zoom Web SDK.

Hope this will change in the future. Best, Andre

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Hey andresavic is there a beta version for testing for paid customers?

Thanks :slight_smile:


360p is not going to work for what we’re doing. Interesting tool, but not of use for broadcast.

Like most of the Zoom community users, we are looking for the NDI integration in Zoom to be able to obtain greater benefits from the platform and an accurate answer has not yet been obtained.

I would like to ask the community for help on how this plugin works: Zoom Gallery NDI Plugin found on the web these days.

Thank you very much in advance for all the information provided. :clap: :clap:


Is there Mac support in the tool?


HD NDI isolated outputs from Zoom are finally a reality! ZoomISO BETA is finally ready for public testing from by Liminal (the creators of ZoomOSC), and we are looking for help testing the app in production environments. With all of the possible hardware / software combinations out there, we want to make sure the app gets a proper user evaluation before commercial launch.

ZoomISO allows for multiple NDI, Syphon, Floating Window, or SDI outputs from Zoom on macOS. It’s designed to replace the racks of “pinning computers” currently bringing talent into vision mixers, media servers, and switchers. It also has OSC-based routing capabilities for flexible patching.

Visit www.liminalet.com/zoomiso-beta to download the demo and fill out a feedback form.


Awesome work!!!

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Do you even read those feedbacks or is this just a marketing stunt?

~ Fatih

I personally read every single response on every app we make, including ZoomISO. The feedback I get from other Zoom SDK developers is always the most valuable, because they actually understand what is involved in the backend. I spend countless hours communicating and revising based on what folks are telling us in those documents. Some of it will take a while to implement, but all feedback is appreciated.

So no, it’s not a “marketing stunt.”


Ok, let’s hijack this thread because, clearly, Zoom doesn’t give a penny(?!) about our (pro users’) requests.
So, our best hope is you guys (Andy, Alex, and other talented developers)

First of, marketing stunt was kinda out of line, sorry for that :pray:t2:
As a standard excuse: sorry for my English, as well…

But, I was right about reading part. People don’t read. No one does. They just have a look at and pinpoint (tunnel vision) some keywords and understand what they expect / anticipate.

See, I wasn’t asking how to join a meeting.
I know how to join a meeting, who doesn’t?
I know how to join to a meeting using ZoomISO, who can’t, options are right there in front of us.

Also, I know the difference between a feedback form and support request.
I was giving you a feedback, I was requesting a feature (easy to implement in my opinion).


'little bit detail for those who are wondering why I’m writing here in this forum instead of a direct channel to the developers, why not Slack or email…

ZoomISO seems to be an impressive product. As the other apps of Liminalet.
Yet, this judgment is based on the videos Andy published on their YouTube channel.
I’ve watched all of’em, a couple times at least.
Still I’m using the word seems because we can’t even start to use it.

Those who use Zapier or alike integrations to create meetings, to register and/or accept their participants into the meeting, etc. might bump into same obstacle as we have.

ZoomISO (and ZoomOSC) does not provide a way to join a meeting with a preregistration token.
There’s just no way to do that.
(PS: Firefox method doesn’t work.)

Maybe, my company is (and 2 of my friends are ) minority here. Maybe, you don’t even know what this secure-join method is.
If all you and your participants need to join a meeting is event id and password, then you’re golden. No problem. Download the beta app, use it, give your feedbacks to the developers and when they publish, consider to purchase it.

But if you know what I’m talking about, if you know what the tk / token param in the join url is and if you need this method for a strict control over your participants; then, well, you’re out of luck for the time being.

~ Fatih

No worries. The point about joining via a token is completely valid and it is something that is fundamentally broken in the Zoom SDK itself and is an enormous headache to resolve until we get support on that front. In fact, most of the login workflows are problematic. This is a good discussion to have on the forms, maybe we can open another thread in one of the other channels.

Your feedback was absolutely read by our team, it’s just old news unfortunately. Actually, come to think of it, it wasn’t disregarded at all because I added a page to the user manual talking about login workflows, so thanks for reminding me to do that. The problem is, my hands have been tied on tokens for over a year, and I don’t have a fix yet in the SDK.

You’d also be shocked how many people ask me the basics of joining a Zoom meeting, sorry if you got lumped in with that…

If you want to discuss our communications further, despite the moderation practices on the forums, I want to respect the rules and keep this to dev topics like tokens, NDI, etc. So, let’s discuss via Slack if needed.

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I didn’t know that since I haven’t had to deal with SDK directly.
Well, didn’t I get embarrassed now :flushed: :roll_eyes:

Still, we kept this thread alive, that’s a bonus, I guess.

Let me state again that both your apps are really impressive.
I’ll keep recommending them to my network and fellow colleagues.

See you on the Slack…


~ Fatih


You’ve renewed our efforts to push for a fix on this, see you around!

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hi folks! after 3 years of waiting, Zoom will introduce this feature finelly! Release notes for Windows – Zoom Help Center
its scheduled to be released tomorrow!!

I think we still need to be cautious here, those release notes are pretty vague.

Yes, is vague indeed, actually here say about the consent notice. but i talked with support on chat and they told me that they will really release NDI output feature. So, let see…

The new release (5.7.0) is out - has anyone been able to find NDI settings? I’ve looked all over and can’t find anyway to enable NDI out, and OBS isn’t picking up on any NDI signals when I try to add an NDI source.