Need a way to create an impersonation account

I need to access all the users data(API) under an admin account by not using the actual admins credential but an impersonation account/user credential which does not have all the access that the admin has but can access all the users data in that account, is there a way to do this in Zoom?

Admin account
—Sub account-1 (impersonation account)
-------Sub account-2 (actual user)
-------Sub account-3 (actual user)
-------Sub account-4 (actual user)

Hi @karthickmarshal,

I would recommend reaching out to your admin and having them create a custom role for you. They can follow the steps outlined in this guide to give you the necessary permissions:


Hi @will.zoom,
So using this newly created role will I have the access to install an Account level app which is present in the zoom market place ?

Thank you,
Karthik U

Hey @karthickmarshal,

If your Account Owner gives you admin permissions, you will be able to install account-level apps.


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Thank you @will.zoom

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Let us know if we can help with anything else! :slight_smile:


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