Use a contact form for the Zoom app landing page so users can request an invite link to install and use our Zoom app



We’re going through the application review process and would like to use an invite link for users to install our Zoom application. For **Adding your app
**, would it be sufficient to use a landing page with an email contact form and instructions to the user? We would then reply to the user via email with an invite link after we perform some setup on our end.

I think it technically satisfies the requirements from the submission checklist:

Your landing page must provide:

  • Logged-in users a means to authorize the integration.
  • Unauthenticated users a means to authenticate themselves and then authorize the integration.


Hi @spencer2 ,

You can use the “visit site to install” option to satisfy the requirements. Here is an outline of that here:

@virginie.zoom @catalina.diaz , if you can offer any other clarification, please do :slight_smile:


Hi @spencer2, I second what Gianni said and I am happy to share another post on the topic (please take a look at the second question of the article): Five Often-asked Questions About Zoom Marketplace App Submissions.

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