Need to integrate zoom but am not bright. In fact, am old and stupid

I need the following
the zoom API KEY, the APR Secret and the JWT Token. BUT I AM AN OPERA SINGER AND KNOW NOTHING about anything. I need REMEDIAL help from people who won’t laugh at me and who won’t take anything I say personally. PLEASE HELP!

@sue.7speaking Haha, you made us all laugh already, but not because we laugh at your question, but because of the very funny subject line.

Maybe it will help us to understand your request better if you can tell us why you, the opera singer without any coding knowledge (right?), needs to do something pretty technical (even for junior developers) like integrating Zoom through its API (this is the API subforum). I know I’m intrigued, I bet many more are as well.

thank you, dear, for your very kind message. I have recently become part of a site that needs to integrate zoom as its video choice. (An also a master yoga teacher and the class will be yoga and yes, I sing) and the developer there said I need those things. MY musical self would also love to find a way to “mix” sound so that singing has a better quality and so that background music can integrate with the voice beautifully. Might you be able to help in any of these? Thank you for your good sense of humor.

Hi @sue.7speaking,

First, thank you for the lighthearted request—sure gave me a good laugh. :slight_smile:

More importantly, happy to point you in the right direction! However, I do want to just make a note first that the credentials you’re looking to generate are sensitive, and would provide anyone with access control over you/your organization’s account, so I want to caution you not to share these publicly, nor with any external users/parties.

Now, in order to get these credentials, you will need to first generate a “JWT App” under the account you’re using for your integration/site. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Zoom Marketplace
  2. Click on the Develop option in the dropdown on the top-right corner and select Build App. A page with various app types will be displayed. Select JWT as the app type and click on Create
  3. Once you’ve clicked create (you may also see a pop up to agree to our terms of service—click accept), you should see something like this:
  4. Your API Key and API Secret will be generated, and you can click Copy to retrieve them
  5. Your JWT token can also be accessed from this same app page—just click on the down carrot that says “View JWT Token” to expose it.

These steps are also outlined here, should you need to reference them. :slight_smile:

Lastly, if you have any trouble with accessing the Zoom Marketplace (step 1), just let me know—it’s possible that your account administrator may need to give you some additional permissions, which I can help to clarify as well.

I hope this helps, @sue.7speaking! Let me know how it goes.


@will.zoom Will, just read Sue’s answer, and it looks like she wants to integrate Zoom into their own website. I could be wrong, but this (API) isn’t the right subforum for that, right? Sue will have to look at the Web SDK subforum and docs. Never worked with the Web SDK, so I’m not even sure JWT auth is neccessary there (but probably is).

Thank you so much for your input. I’m going to close the request as the former help truly did help and my much younger and smarter colleague has managed to do the magic above mentioned. If anyone needs help with singing, yoga, poetry, understanding spiritual science, let me know.
Peace and thanks to you all!

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How can I take this down? I’m sorry to disturb everyone, but your answers helped my younger and smarter colleague to manage. I now would like to take the post down. Can you help?

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@sue.7speaking You don’t, your question remains here for posterity. This discussion will be automatically closed after a period of inactivity. No worries. Great that you got things working!

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Hey @sue.7speaking,

Happy to hear you got what you need to use the Zoom API and SDK! :slight_smile: If you would like to delete this topic, you can click on the 3 dots, and then click the trash icon:

Appreciate your input here @BoringUsername! :slight_smile:


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