Need to setup Webhook without publishing the app

I’ll share my entire problem statement here,
I’ve built a web app which does something using the zoom transcripts, Initially I’ve used Event Subscriptions/Webhook method inside Server-to-Server OAuth integration and everything was working well. But I’ve noticed one issue in that is that not all organizations have enabled Server-to-Server OAuth (including Webhook only option) in their account and I don’t want to enable that integration from roles in master account. But I saw that OAuth integration option was available for all the users in many organizations So I’m planning to build a solution to connect my web app through Webhooks using OAuth integration but without publishing that app.
I know one solution would be to create a OAuth app on behalf of all the users and publish it in Zoom market place and ask the end users to install it But I don’t want to do that. I’m looking for a solution where individual users can create a OAuth app by themselves and setup and webhooks in that. Let me know if there’s solution like that.


Hi @rakshith
Your understanding is correct, you would need to create an OAuth app and have it published in the Marketplace so 3rd party users can install it and use it on their end.
If you do not want your app published, you will need to help users create, set up and authorize the app on each individual account and monitor it that way.