OAuth and webhooks

Is it possible to manage webhooks using oAUTH. This is a very important feature for us (and I believe for all integrators).

oAUTH provides a fluid exprerience but we also need the following:

  • update webhooks version to v2 for each oAUTH user
  • create a webhook using oAUTH
  • be able to modify or remove a webhook using oAUTH

Hi Ch Th, 

We do have OAuth for Webhooks using our Marketplace (marketplace.zoom.us). Please see our documentation https://developer.zoom.us/docs/oauth/. 


Thanks Michael for the reply.

The documentation does not mention anything about OAuth for Webhooks. Only the following APIs are documented :

  • User
  • Meeting
  • Webinar
  • Cloud recording

How about Webhooks? Any documentation would be greatly helpful

Hi Ch Th, 

For webhooks using OAuth please refer to https://zoommarketplace.readme.io/docs/subscribing-to-zoom-events-1