neither /users/me/settings and /users/me show "mute upon entry" new meeting default


In the user’s meeting preferences, the user can specify “Mute participants upon entry” to yes/no at

However, I don’t see a way to get that boolean in the Rest API through either the /users/me/settings or the /users/me URLs.

Am I missing the place where this preference is stored? or is it not available?



Hi Adam, 

Please check the mute_upon_entry property the Create meeting API -



Hi Michael,

Thanks for the ** reply. I don’t think I was clear, I’m looking for the user preference for that create meeting flag.**

For instance, the meetingcreate accepts host_video and participant_video as flags to create the meeting. The usersettings request ( also has flags host_video and participant_video that define the user’s preference for those meetingcreate flags.

Is there also a place to fetch the user’s preference for the mute_upon_entry flag?



Hi Adam, 

Unfortunately, the mute_upon_entry is only available via the meeting API and not for the user preference right now. I can reach out to Engineers and see if option can be available in a future release.