New Android SDK Gallery view Square videos

I am reaching out to discuss a recent change in the Zoom Android SDK concerning the gallery view of video users. From last few updates, the gallery view presentation has shifted from a rectangular to a square format. This modification significantly impacts our application’s user experience, as it results in the cropping of video feeds on the sides. Such cropping is detrimental to our company’s operations, where full visibility of participants is crucial for our interactive sessions.

The rectangular format previously available was well-suited to our needs, providing optimal visibility and engagement for our users. The transition to a square format, while perhaps beneficial in some contexts, adversely affects our application’s functionality and user satisfaction.

Given the impact of this change on our product and its users, we are keen to explore possible solutions or workarounds. Specifically, we are interested in any options that would allow us to revert to the rectangular gallery view or customize the aspect ratio of video feeds in the gallery view. Your guidance on how we might achieve this, whether through SDK settings or upcoming SDK updates, would be invaluable.

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Also wanted to mention that we cant use the Custom UI because of this similar reason which was disscussed in this thread

Any help regarding this will be highly appreciated.

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