Scope change for an existing published app

Our application is already published to Marketplace, with Zoom meeting scopes.
Now we want our application to also support Zoom webinars, which requires a new set of scopes.

Question 1
According to the documentation, any scope change will “force all existing users to reauthorize an app”. Will such deathorization send an appropriate event for our app to react to? Will it allow to retain existing data (user_data_retention=true)?

Question 2
It’s not clear how scope change and the upgrade process work together. We are hesitant to experiment with our production app to find it out by ourselves. After I change the scopes of the existing app, will it take effect immediately? Or is it, for example, enabled only for the development configuration before the the resubmission process is completed?

Question 3
In August 2019, Zoom introduced Data Compliance API, which must be called after user data is deleted on app uninstall. Our application was published before this API was introduced. Since changing scopes requires a new submission, does it mean we need to implement all the new requirements, or are we exempt from it in this case?

Hey @konstantin.geyst, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Users will simple have to “update” your app. Users who don’t update will not be affected and the app will still work.

The change will take affect once approved, and users can use the new scopes after they have updated the app.

Good question, I believe you need to implement the Data Compliance API. Abe can confirm that once you are in the app update process.

Does that answer your questions?


Thank you so much for the speedy reply. I found this documentation: which answered the rest of my questions.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: