NFS Technology Group Rendezvous Workspace Calendar Integration

We hope to achieve integration between our new Zoom Rooms (already integrated with Office 365 and Outlook) with a supplemental calendar known as Rendezvous Workspace, a product of a firm called NFS Technology Group. This product is advertised as capable of integrating with Zoom Rooms and with Outlook. The NFS Technology Group folks are asking us to use our Zoom Rooms administration email address to log into for the purpose of using the JWT to create the “API Key” and “API Secret” strings, which they would then input into fields available in the administration portal of our Rendezvous Workspace calendar system. They assure us that if we can log in and generate this information for them, we’ll achieve integration.

When our relatively new Zoom Rooms were configured earlier this year, our staffers followed the Zoom online instructions for integration with Office 365 and created a Zoom Rooms admin email address with an “” extension. Some of our internal staffers believe this presents a problem. They believe the Zoom marketplace portal won’t allow that email identity to log in. They believe the email entity must be a licensed Zoom user and that the extension would be rejected.

Is this true?

We would go ahead and attempt it – except somebody in our organization forgot to save the original password that was chosen for this email address (in Azure).

I suppose we could reset the password.

But would doing that then force us to have to reauthorize the email address in the Zoom Rooms portal?

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Hi @jerrold.jones,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help.

First, in regards to creating a JWT app and generating an API key and Secret, I should caution that this is an account-wide app that has access to manage all of your account’s data/settings, so it’s important that you are very careful about who you share these credentials with. We recommend integrating with trusted partners only, which can be found on our Zoom Marketplace.

If you do wish to create a JWT app, you’ll want to create the app under the account owner’s marketplace profile. This app will have access to all the same features and functionalities that exist under the account owner’s account—so if that includes Zoom Rooms, these JWT credentials would have access to that functionality as well.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

Is there a possibility you might be able to participate in a Zoom meeting with our team and with a representative of NFS Technology Group? Their integration with Zoom description:

Hey @jerrold.jones,

I can see that you’ve since connected with my colleague over at Developer Support, so I will let you continue the conversation there.


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