No localhost support

Shocking there is no localhost support for redirectUri when grabbing initial access token. Why not?

I do not want to use ngrok as AV picks up bot issues and blocks it, don’t want to use valid URL as I need to step through my code first.

Never known documentation so poor or basic support none existent.

Hi @paul.deehan ,

Thank you for sharing your sentiments on this. We are not able to support localhost at this time. Could you try an alternative to ngrok?


Another solution is to use localtunnel (localtunnel - npm), if ngork doesn’t work.

You can fabricate a domain name, add it to your hosts file so that it points to a loopback address, and test locally using that domain name.

I’ve tried that it doesn’t work either. I’ve my own workaround but its not rocket science that Zoom should really allow localhost when developing with the SDK/API. It’s poor support for such an established organization.

Hi @paul.deehan thanks again for you feedback. It is duly noted :slight_smile:

Can you tell me your workaround ? because adding a domain to my local doesn’t work either I am getting the error:

Domain violates Zoom App Marketplace domain policy. Reason: Developer tools should be removed before publishing the app.