Not appearing to receive webhooks for last few days

Have a JWT app setup on my account to receive webhooks at the account level for Zoom Phone events. Logs are showing web hooks dating from the 28th but nothing more recent. I believe the server (receiving the hooks) may have hung on the 27th. It has since been rebooted.

End point is:

The app also has Webhooks being sent to a development endpoint (URL) using ngrok The development server is sometime offline. Could that possibly cause zoom to stop sending webhooks to both URs if there are too many failures on either one?

After rebooting the server some webhooks from the 27 and 28th have been received but nothing newer. I made a couple test call (zoom phone to zoom phone) and the first call appeared to trigger a ‘callee_ringing’ and ‘callee_missed’ but after only ‘callee_missed’ was received (Can ringing be silenced?)

Can you please verify that web hooks are being sent properly? Possibly the problem is on my end but I suspect it may be a combination of issues.

Thank you.

Hey @juanp,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. It sounds like this was related to an issue we had with our Phone System and therefore our phone webhooks.

I’m sorry for any issues this caused! The issue should now be resolved which you can confirm at

Please let us know if you see any further instances of this.


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