Recording ended webhook event [dev] not working

This is an account level oauth app. The account is fully authenticated with our app.

How To Reproduce

  1. Set up and validate URL webhook with Recording Stopped Event type. Validation challenge reaches server. Ensure Read and write for recordings scopes are enabled.
  2. Authenticate app for zoom.
  3. Start client from this account, start meeting, begin recording, stop recording, stop meeting.
  4. Webhook is not delivered to server.

Hi @alanj , please reference this guidance for webhook troubleshooting:

Thank you!

I have been through this post. I am not receiving any recording stopped events. The recording events do not require a subscription. The app is authenticated. Subscriptions are [obviously] enabled on the app level.

Hi @alanj , if you’ve been through the post and troubleshooted accordingly, the last step mentioned is to submit a bug ticket. I have gone ahead and submitted one on your behalf. Please check your email for notifications about the ticket :slight_smile: