Not Receiving any Callbacks for Meetings/Recordings in one env

We’re not receiving the configured meeting and recording event callbacks in one of our environments (REG) since 12/17. Trying to get more information on any logs of callbacks being sent, server info and/or any other details to help troubleshoot the issue. To our knowledge, there hasn’t been any other changes on our end.

For any new Meetings that have been getting created since 12/17/22, we’re not seeing any incoming callbacks to our JWT application configured for Webhooks listening at the following URL:


Configured Event Subs:

Meeting Started, Meeting Ended, Recording Started, Recording Stopped, Recording Completed and Meeting Participants

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
N/A - Not seeing callbacks

Hi @kupadhyaya , please refer to this post for troubleshooting:

Let me know if you have additional questions after this!

Thanks for the follow-up Gianni. From the referenced post, everything looks fine. I’ll open a support ticket.

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Okay make sure you’re logged in to the developer account when you submit!