Not seeing the correct users.

 So my company decided to use a company called boardeffect to handle certain meetings and what not. In their setting/integrations page they have a Video Conferencing tab where I can integrate events and meeting with Zoom. I put in our API Credentials but what shows up are only three of our accounts and an old account that is no long in our business class. Is there a way that I can have it show our current list of active user accounts in Zoom?

Hi Jason, 

Thanks for your question. Yes with our V2 API you can see a current list of active user accounts. Here is a link to our developer API By default, the API returns active users. 

Michael, Thank you for the response. Unfortunately it is not showing all the active users. It is showing 3 users and 1 user that has been removed from our account.

Hi Jason, 

Could you send your account ID to We’ll take a look at it and see if we can resolve the issue.