WebSDK version 1.9.0 error not support registration webinar

I am trying to join a webinar using the 1.9.0 version while registration is required, and as below screenshot there is one user registered.

But I got Not support Registration webinar error:

But as per "Not support registration webinar" error in WEB SDK (1.8.0) - #7 by tommy
@tommy said that it will be pushed on the 1.9.0.
Can you tell me if it is pushed or not, and if yes what I am doing wrong?

Not support Registration webinar

Which version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Browser: Chrome

Hey @Houssam.zoom3 ,

Looks like that update did not make it out in 1.9.0, apologies.

What currently is not supported, is Pre registration. Participants will need to first “join” the Web SDK Webinar, and then they will be presented with a registration page. Once they complete the registration form, they will be admitted into the meeting. More details here:


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