Notification timing for Zoom Phone webhook "callee_ringing".

I use a language translation program. Please excuse my poor English.

■ Our purpose
I would like to detect the Ringing state of UA-Bob over the SIP protocol and perform processing during the Ringing state.

■ Approximate timing for phone.callee_ringing
In the image, SIP proxy B serves the Zoom Phone server.
It is expected that phone.callee_ringing will be notified by Webhook from immediately after receiving ②INVITE to immediately after receiving ⑥180Ringing.

■ Checking the actual incoming call timing
⑨ Notification OK after 200.

Is there another way?
Also, are there any plans to fix this behavior?


Hi @biz-ngc-dev-v11-ml
Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to help here
You should. be getting the phone.callee_ringing event as soon as you get the invite

Thank you for your reply.
However, our testing confirms that callee_ringing is received at the same time as callee_answerd.
It wasn’t right after the INVITE.