OAUTH App Installer Identification

I am creating an OAUTH application and intend to publish this on the Zoom marketplace for my clients to install this. I have a question though about identifying clients using the authorization url.

Once I publish this app and lets say two of my clients X and Y installs this app on their account.
When they authorize and install - is there a way where I can identify the Client using the authorization url?
Any help here is appreciated.

@puneeth.ranganath we’re excited about your OAuth application! You’ll be able to see from the marketplace admin portal who has installed your application. Additionally you can decode their access token to identify the account that has installed the app:

Does this help?

@gianni.zoom Thanks for your response. I have another question regarding OAuth app installion. Created a new thread here OAuth app security.
Can you please help if possible?

Hi @puneeth.ranganath , I see my colleague is assisting you. Let me know if anything else is needed!