OAuth - Auto upload Zoom recordings to Canvas Studio

I created an OAuth app via the Zoom Marketplace to automatically upload Zoom recordings to an external system (Canvas Studio). The application work as intended and the upload happens automatically. Good.

My issue that the automatic upload only work on one account, not multiple accounts. Even after the authorization on each account was successful and all accounts use the same IDs and tokens. All accounts belong to the same organisation (with the correct permissions).

The application show up in each account profile. All details identical to the initial account where I created the app on.

The app is not published and I do not plan to add it to the marketplace.

Canvas Studio is linked to Zoom and work with only one token etc.

What am I missing? I’m not a developer or a coder - any help will be appreciated.

Hi @Adriaan
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
Could you please confirm that the app that you created is an Account-Level app?
If you are working with a User-Level app, the recordings will only be the ones associated with the user that created the app.
Hope this helps,

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Hi Elisa

Thanks for getting back to me.

I can confirm the app is an Account-Level app.

Hi @Adriaan
Sorry for the late reply.
When you talk about multiple accounts, are those users associated to your account?
The recordings that will be updated will only be the ones that fall under the same account.

Hi @elisa.zoom - that is correct, as far as I know. All users are licenced and part of our organisational account. All ‘sub-accounts’ or email domains use the same Zoom Account Number of the account owner.

Thanks for confirming this with me @Adriaan
In that case, I would ask you to open up a ticket with our support team so they can look into this issue closely.

Once you have opened up a ticket, feel free to share the number here with me and I will take a look as well.

Thanks @elisa.zoom

The ticket ID is #15619752

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I will take a look thanks, @Adriaan

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