OAuth integration for my employees

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we’re building an online consulting platform, and we’d like to integrate Zoom APIs in order for our consultants to quickly create a zoom meeting.

I tried JWT API but I found out it is tied to the account the app is made on, so I switched to OAuth auth method, which worked perfectly on my account, but how do I give access to my employees’ accounts?
I do not intend to publish the app on the marketplace, as it is for internal use only, but if I request to be shared to other account I get refused and I received an email asking to share all sort of information about the technical structure of our software, which I find quite excessive to be honest. There is a way to explicitly authorize only my employess on the app?

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Hi @sdsrls2021

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
If your employees belong to the Zoom account that created the OAuth app you should be able to share it with them.

If all these employees have independent personal zoom accounts, then it needs to go through our Security review since your app will be making calls on behalf of third party users.

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