oauth2 for authentication

In this blog post from August 2017 it mentions “We have recently added oAuth service to our platform and we will cover that in detail in our next blog soon.”

I really want to use oauth2 for authentication and was hoping someone would provide docs and/or direction for this.

Can anyone help?

Hi Dovid,

OAuth 2 is coming soon, not yet released. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks Joshua. Will there be a blog post or something when it’s ready?



There will be a blog post/overview of how to use Zoom’s OAuth service

Cool, any way to subscribe to that dev blog? Did not see an option.

Not currently, I’ll do my best to remember to update this post when it’s released

Is there an estimated timeline for this functionality? Is there any other way to authenticate a Zoom user?

@David @Paul

Can you shoot me an email (joshua.woodward@zoom.us) with your use case and some information how you plan to use Zoom’s OAuth, possibly get you early access

@Josh just sent you an email as requested

I’m interested in the Oauth service for a POC I am doing if it is available.  Thanks!

@Courtney here is some beta documentation https://developer.zoom.us/docs/oauth/

What does “beta documentation” mean exactly? Is the documentation in beta or is the function in beta? ie is this function available now? Just want to be clear. Thanks.

All of it is in beta (the docs, the functionality) [not recommended for production]

We are testing, adding features, looking for feedback at this point. Thanks

In the last post on this topic you (Zoom) said you were looking for feedback on the oauth beta. It’s not clear where/how to give feedback so I’ll put it here. In the documentation for the registration step it says “Currently there is not a way to update the configuration, so make sure when you register the information is correct.” You will need to provide the capability to update the configuration. The redirect URIs in particular change frequently as server configurations change. The app description also often needs to be updated to reflect changes in marketing messages.


Besides that it seems like an excellent API in that it conforms to the standard. Do you have an ETA for when it will be production ready?

One other comment… your documentation doesn’t say that you support the ‘state’ parameter (https://auth0.com/docs/protocols/oauth2/oauth-state). I hope this is an omission in the documentation and you really do support it. It is integral to the protocol.

Hi Phillip,


Thanks for the feedback. We plan on supporting the ability to update details very soon, we are trying to release what we have ASAP for testing :slight_smile:


We do support ‘state’ as it is part of the standard, we only documented a getting started guide.

VERY eager to get Zoom integrated into Calendly.

According to a comment from Amanda Lynn on the Calendly support blog on Jan 5, 2018, “There is a technical limitation on Zoom’s end that is preventing us from building an integration that allows us to create Zoom meetings from your account when a Calendly event is scheduled. Please see Zoom’s community forum on this topic here. We are hoping they will release support for Oauth2 soon, but until then we are at a bit of a standstill.

How can we accelerate making this integration possible?

This is a very old thread - check our developer blogs and documentation. In fact, some of the scheduling providers have already integrated Zoom oAuth into their platform - check meetingbird and freebusy.io.

Thanks for the platform recommendations, but we’ve already integrated Calendly everywhere.

Can you provide an update on this? Specifically, I want to integrate Zoom with Calendly.