Once approved, how to control when app is available in Zoom Marketplace?


After a Zoom App has been approved, is it possible to control when the app is publicly available?

The App Approval section here says:

When an app has been approved, the Marketplace team notifies you of approval and public availability of the app. From this point, any Zoom user is able to add your app using production credentials.

However, we’d like to understand if there’s some way for us to control when the app is publicly available and if there are any workarounds.


Hi @asong

You can have your app Private in the marketplace so you can decide who to share the app with.

Thanks Elisa!

Is there specific guidance on how we can switch the app from Private to Public later on?

Is the “4 weeks” mentioned here the maximum amount of time an App can be private, or the required amount of time?

In other words, do we need to wait 4 weeks to then make the app publicly available?

Hi @asong
You are welcome :slight_smile: I believe you can make it publicly available in less than 4 weeks.
Once your app is in the app review process, the reviewer assigned to your app will be able to provide more information about this