onSelectedMicDeviceChanged not called when changing from 'Device Name' to 'Same as System' if those devices match


There seems to be some weird behaviour (or lack of behaviour) when switching between audio devices which can lead UI components to be in an undesirable state.

I believe onSelectedMicDeviceChanged should be called when the user switches between ‘Device Name’ to ‘Same as System’ even if those devices match, but that is not the current behaviour.

The Zoom SDK treats ‘MacBook Pro Microphone’ and ‘Same as System’ as two different devices, which seems reasonable, but this callback is not triggered when toggling between those two ‘devices’ when they actually match in the background.

UI elements (such as a setting window) will be listening to delegate callbacks in order to update their state. If the user changes from ‘MacBook Pro Microphone’ to ‘Same as System’ in one part of the UI, this change is not visible elsewhere due to the lack of a onSelectedMicDeviceChanged notification. The second listener has no idea that a change occurred.

Which macOS Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)

  1. In MacOS settings, set the audio mic device to ‘MacBook Pro Microphone’.
  2. Switch between ‘MacBook Pro Microphone’ and ‘Same as System’ using some UI element
  3. onSelectedMicDeviceChanged is not called
  4. Other UI elements which rely on onSelectedMicDeviceChanged will not toggle between ‘MacBook Pro Microphone’ and ‘Same as System’

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Hi @KieranAC,

I believe this is due to the SDK listening for the underlying value of the current device to change, rather than when the UI is interacted with, but I definitely understand why this behavior is undesirable. We’ll investigate updating this behavior in a future release and get back to you as soon as we have any updates.


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