Output participants of meeting to different SDI outputs with there own microphone

Hi for a TV-show we want to be able to interact with participants 1on1. Now we have it setup to have the participants in breakoutrooms with in them a host with a stream of the tv-show. But then we have to have a computer for every 1on1 feed.
We are already able to input the TV-show on SDI on a decklink card.
Is it possible in de SDK to route the video and audio of 1 participant within a meeting to a different place like an SDI output on a blackmagic decklink card?

My own programming skills are basic php, I just want to know if this is a route to dive deeper into. And what kind of programmer I need to then have it developed.

Hi Rene,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Are you looking for the raw video stream that you could decouple the video stream and route it to a different device? I am afraid this is not supported.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Yes that was wat I wanted to look for.

Broadcast–>SDI IN (works already)
Participent1 --> SDI OUT 1
Participent2 --> SDI OUT 2
Participent3 --> SDI OUT 3

Is the SDK for SDI not supported or the raw videostream?

Otherwise would it be possible to have the Main app on screen 1 and then 4 participants on screen 2 and 4 more on screen 3. Screen 2 and 3 are always a 2x2 grid (black when no participant) that way we can cut them out in the videosoftware.
We can’t do that now because their position always changes.

Hi Rene,

Thanks for the reply. Our SDK does not publicly offer raw data at the moment so what you are mentioning is not supported.


I would point out that you could accomplish this with the the Custom UI part of the SDK. ZoomSDKVideoElement’s videoView (in the macOS SDK) should be able to be placed fullscreen on the multiple screens. No? For a TV studio Rene is probably taking on audio out from the computer to the studio audio mixer then wants “ISO” of the video feeds going into a video switcher.

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