Participants can't enable Audio after Joining the meeting

the error we are getting usng SDK version 2.17.0 is the following,:
{type: ‘VIDEO’, evt: ‘ERROR’, errorCode: ‘NOT_CONNECTED’, data: undefined}

In our flow users click to load the zoom SDK we make sure they enable video/audio permissions on the browser then procceed to the meeting itself.

Once users give the browser permissions, they are allowed to connect to the class after going through waiting room.

then once in the meeting we get this:

this is an issue on desktop chrome browsers (example:Version 119.0.6045.159 (Official Build) (arm64)) but not firefox.

Our dev Team tried looking into this but looks like the source of the issue is inside the SDK code iteslf

This is same on 2.13.0 2.14.0 2.15.0 2.16.0 versions

closing this thread as it is duplicated as [Repostv2] Participants-cant-enable-audio-after-joining-the- meeting - #2 by vic.yang