PBX Audio API insufficient for what I need to do, can't overwrite file with PATCH and add file only allows 1MB

Alright, so we are an Messaging OnHold provider and our goal is to automate the updating of the Audio files via the Zoom API. Unfortunately it appears the API is insufficient to reach our goal.

You’d think the PATCH (Update an audio item) call would be perfect
However it appears all that patch command can do is update the name of the file rather than update the file itself.

There is also AddAudioItem but the problem with that is that it doesn’t really help as I can’t use the API to assign that file to any call queues as the Call Queue API doesn’t allow me to edit that part what files play

The Add Audio item also doesn’t allow me to choose where it is added to and it only adds it to the Personal Audio Library (rather than the Asset Library).

However the web portal does what I want it to do, so maybe I could investigate what calls that uses and use that instead. Here is what I found:-

POST to us01pbx.zoom.us/api/v2/pbx/upload/prompt

PATCH REQUEST to us01pbx.zoom.us/api/v2/pbx/account//library/

However using this API might not work as it appears the Server-to-Server OAuth might not work for this

So this leads to two questions:-

It is possible to get the documentation for the v2 API?

Is it possible to use a Server-to-Server OAuth token for this v2 API or do I have to use an alternative mechanism to get this to work?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @lawbayly ,

Good questions. I am asking our phone team more about this.

Thanks @gianni.zoom Keep me posted!

Hi @lawbayly ,

Just followed up with them about this. I recommend following up with your Zoom Phone PBX contact as well since the PBX API documentation is not public.

Thanks @gianni.zoom

I have done this, and pointed them towards this thread.



Thanks for letting know. I’ll share here if I receive any updates internally.

Edit: Cannot share PBX API publicly so your account contact should be able to help here!