IVR Audio File updates via API


I am hoping that some guidance can be given on how to update audio files a locations Auto Receptionist. I have setup the Server-to-Server Oauth2 app and successfully connect. I am able to pull down user, auto reception, sites, and ivr information down. I have even successfully posted an mp3 audio file.

My problem, is that I need to the audio_id to update the IVR and I have not been able to get it. When I do a get I only see 100 files. I can’t find a way to increase that or page through it.

I have over 230 locations that will have audio files that change at least 2+ times a month.


  1. Audio file is only 130K when converted to base64
  2. I have no errors
  3. Server-to-Server Oauth2 is used and working
  4. All scopes for the phone and user have been assigned



Has anyone updated many locations IVR audio files via the API?

Hi @dennismo
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum, I am happy to help here!
Could you please share with me what endpoint are you referring to, where you are only getting 100files?