Please activate our Private App for external Beta Test

@donte.zoom @elisa.zoom Please allow our private for Beta External account testing.

We don’t have any option when following the docs in that direction.

Let us know if any thing you need from us.


Please reply here also soon as possible. Waiting from a long time.


Are you interested in testing joining external meetings? If so, please refer to this developer blog that provides instructions on how to prepare your Meeting SDK app for review.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

@donte.zoom Thanks for reply.

Nope, right now no need for that but may be in future.

The app have flow from meeting CRUD operations and then listen web hooks to get all required data from event payloads.

E.g Events
meeting created/updated/deleted
meeting summary
in meeting chat


Let me know if you need any thing.


@freelancer.nak ,
What test are you facing issues with?

Can we chat privately?

Sure, I will send over a private chat message, @freelancer.nak !

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