Please bring back the unmute all button

I teach TK (four-year-olds). It takes FOREVER for 24 students to unmute themselves. What happened to the unmute all button? Please bring it back for the sanity of all of the teachers out there trying to get through Distance Learning!!!

Also, it would be great if we could alphabetize our participants. When I call on someone, it is sometimes difficult to find them in the gallery of participants. Being able to alphabetize by first or last (I prefer first) name(s) would be a great feature for teachers!



Fellow distance learning teacher here, and I think both of these suggestions would be amazing.

Hi Pilar,

In zoom schedule meeting page, you can set, “request permission to unmute”.

If selected, upon a participant entering the meeting, they will receive a pop-up notification to allow the host to have the permission to mute/un-mute remotely without having to wait participant to unmute themselves.

Hope this can help! It’s not the best way but at least if your students click accept at the start when they receive the notification at the start of the meeting, you can have control over their mic.