PMI meetings have NO waiting room

Hello, please help with this. It seems that when PMI is activated, the waiting room of join 5 minutes before start time is disabled. This makes sense since there’s only one passcode for all meetings of PMI and one ID, so the time of meetings wouldn’t be important anymore. A meeting on Monday at 1 P.M. and a meeting on Tuesday at 1 P.M. have the same ID and Passcode, therefore, joining before 5 min wouldn’t work. I’d like to find a way for PMI meetings to have a waiting room (join before 5 minutes) and different passcode for each meeting. Participants should also join before host.

Hi @itasas
Thanks for reaching out to us!
In the web portal, you can enable the Waiting room for your PMI.
and you can manually or programatically change the password

Hello Elisa. But I want the participants to join before host. It seems that the waiting room doesn’t work with ‘participants to join before host’ in PMI? or I’m wrong?

Hi @itasas
That is correct,
Waiting room does not work with participants to join before host