Poor PowerPoint presentation and video quality Whova Web App integration

I am running a conference next week via Whova and in testing, the quality of powerpoints and videos shown is very poor. PowerPoint slide text is illegible unless you maximize in full screen, which we don’t necessarily want all users to do since we want them to watch it embedded in Whova so they can chat, ask questions and do other things. I’m getting nervous since we’re getting very close to the conference date and this seems to be a new issue.

No error message, just very low quality of seeing powerpoints and videos lag

Which version?
I’m not sure which version but the latest Whova would have.

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  1. Attendee joins live stream in Whova


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  • Windows
  • Browser:[e.g. Chrome]
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Hey @kelly.battistuzzi,

Can you please share a screenshot of the video and screenshare quality issues?

Due note, the Web SDK currently only supports 360p video.


I’ve attached one. Will the 360p ever be improved?

Hey @kelly.battistuzzi,

Yes, the 360p will be improved. Can I ask if the user sharing the screen is using the Web SDK, or the Zoom App?


Great - do you have a timeline on the improvement? The user was sharing using the Zoom app.

Hey @kelly.battistuzzi,

Thanks for the info. We will be improving to 720p quality soon. :slight_smile:


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