Poor share quality on Android Chrome when receiving screen from Windows device


I’m testing the share quality and I noticed that on Android Chrome it is very poor when I receive a screen from a Windows device. I can’t read text on it.
On iOS Safari, the quality is good enough when receiving the same screen. The text is small but I still can read.
Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Create a session on Windows Chrome and share the screen
  • Join the session using Android Chrome or iOS Safari and view the shared screen.
  • Compare the quality.

Android Chrome:

IOS Safari:

Video web SDK: 1.7.10
Browsers: Windows Chrome 114, Android Chrome 114, Safari 15

Please fix this problem.
Thank you!

I did another test without using the video SDK, just a normal Zoom meeting. And I noticed that the quality was good on Android Chrome. Here are the steps:

  • I opened the Zoom app on Windows and joined my personal meeting.
  • I opened Chrome on my Android phone.
  • I joined the meeting using this link: https://pwa.zoom.us/wc
  • I shared my screen on my Windows Zoom app.
  • I checked the quality on my Android Chrome.
  • The quality was good. I could read the text.

So it only happens with the video web SDK, not with the normal Zoom meeting on the web.

Hey @thanh.huynh

Thanks for your feedback.

The clarity of the sharing depends on the size of the canvas. In Video SDK Web, stream.updateSharingCanvasDimension() can update the canvas size.

Some issues with the sample demo, we will improve it later.


I got it to work using the updateSharingCanvasDimension function.
Thank you!

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