Possibility of backfilling previous meetings with newly-created tracking_fields for LTI attributes

In the LTI Pro app, there’s a feature to map the LTI attributes passed from LMS to Zoom tracking_fields. However, only new meetings created after those tracking fields will pick up the values.

Since the LMS does pass all relevant LTI attributes to applications.zoom.us/lti/rich, we’d like to propose a new feature such that existing meetings loaded in LTI Pro will also get those LTI attributes specified in the tracking fields mapping. This will help our customers to associate their previous course meeting recordings to the right course_id so they can very easily manage their content on our platform.

We believe this will benefit other similar Zoom partners greatly as well.

Which App?

Additional context

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Hey @vhu,

Thanks for sharing this feature request. We will consider adding it to our backlog, and I will let you know if we decide to develop it. (ZOOM-146008)


@tommy Our school would also be interested in this feature.

Thanks for your interest @joddman!