Possible to use List Meeting Participants API to get only current participants? If not what's the natural sort order?

We are using the API to get a list of participants for a meeting as we want to show on our site a random 10 users who are currently watching. Plan is to get 50 currently watching users, pick 10 randomly out of those. It would be fantastic to be able to specify “only currently active” users, but I’m not sure that’s possible, so it means getting a long list of every session any user has gotten involved in. So, if it’s not possible, can you confirm exactly what order this endpoint will return results in? Ideally it will be the 50 most recent current users who started their session, but I’m concerned that even if 100 are still watching, if it so happens the 50 that most recently started their session have all left again then I’d get them and have no active users returned at all as they weren’t in the 50 most recently started sessions?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT token

Which Endpoint/s?
List Meeting Registrants

At the risk of being annoying by double-posting, I’m also struggling to find out how to get a simple count of the number of people currently in a meeting.

I thought the Get Meeting Details endpoint would do it, with its simple “participants” count, but this seems to count all user sessions, not unique users.

Do we actually have to use List Meeting Participants to get the full details of every single user session, then deduplicate them by user ID, then work out which ones are still current (no “leave_time” specified) all to get a simple number of “current users watching”?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Hey @igloo,

The List Meeting Participants with the live query param should list all meeting participants that are currently in the meeting.

Are you saying that users who have joined and left, show up in the response?

You could also use the Meeting Participant Joined and Meeting Participant Left webhooks to maintain a live list of meeting participants.


Yep, it returns every user session, not every user. So if one user joins three times for example (having left the meeting the first two times obviously) they’ll appear three times. Thankfully, I’ve been able to test enough to be satisfied that users who are still active in the meeting (that is to say the “leave_time” attribute is missing) will always be the first returned, meaning you can still use the API to get live participants (thankfully!) by just monitoring “leave_time” and stopping once you reach the first participant returned with a leave_time specified.

That’s enough for me, but I’m glad I don’t need to start inspecting the participants that come after that because I’m pretty sure they are not in a reliable order, certainly not according to email address, leave_time or join_time anyway.

For a similar reason to all this, I’ve found the “Get Meeting Metrics” endpoint to be fairly unhelpful as it returns numbers based on sessions not users. Unless I’m mistaken then, there seems to me to be no way to get a simple single-number count of how many people are currently active in a live meeting other than going through the complete List Meeting Participants and adding them up yourself. And finding a quick count of all unique participants who have taken part in a meeting (both active and left the meeting) would be even more of a struggle I suppose.

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Hey @igloo,

Thanks for sharing those details, we will add them to our docs. CC @shrijana.g

As for an endpoint that just returns current users, can you create a feature request here: #feature-requests :slight_smile:


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