Post meeting registrant, getting error message "User does not exist"

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When posting a registrant to /meetings/XXXXXXXXX/registrants, we are seeing this error message returned:

  • HTTP status code: NotFound
  • Content: {"code":1001,"message":"User does not exist:"}

The email address listed in the error message matches the registrant info we are trying to post. Note that we’ve previously successfully added registrants to other meetings tied to this Zoom user and access token.

The error message does not match what is listed for expected response in the documentation here. Do you know why this we are getting this, and how might we fix it?

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  • Sandy

Hey @sgani,

Do you have authentication profiles enabled for this meeting? If you do, try disabling it and see if it works.


Also facing this error.

The user we are trying to register:

  1. has a verified zoom account . We know, because the Get User API works fine for the user
  2. is not registered to the meeting of course),

and still this error is thrown. Why is this the case? Shouldn’t we able to register users that have a Zoom account?

From what I understand above, the only workaround here is to disable authentication profiles for the meeting?

Hi @tommy,

TY for your response.

Unfortunately, since the meeting has lapsed, I am unable to test posting a registrant to that particular event.

FWIW, when I GET this event, I see in the JSON returned:
"meeting_authentication": true,
"authentication_domains": "",
"authentication_name": "Sign in to Zoom",
"authentication_option": "signIn_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",

I’m testing this using our test account, and created a meeting w/ “Only authenticated users can join: Sign in to Zoom” checked, and I am able to post a registrant to that meeting for a user with a random email address (not an authenticated user).


Hey, do you mean you are not able to post a registrant to the meeting with a random address?

Because I also have a similar meeting configuration, but cannot register a random email

Hey @sgani, @pritam,

Let me know if this thread answers your questions:


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