Prevent two people being present at the meeting using the same registered participant URL

Currently when participants are registered they receive a unique join URL e.g.

The meeting is set to require registration which means that people can only join using these registered participant urls.

The issue is that people can share that url with other people and multiple people can join the meeting using the same registered participant url.
On top of that, when people join using registered participant url, they can change their name upon joining within Zoom client app.
As a result, many people can join using the same registered participant url and all of them can have different names and act as separate participants, which breaks the whole point of registering participants and protecting the meetings from uninvited guests.

I have two questions:

Can I make sure that a registered participant can be present at the meeting only once concurrently? E.g when registered participant is present at the meeting, it’s not possible to join again with the same registered participant url.

Is there a way to prevent people who join using registered participant url from changing their names using Zoom client app?

If these are not possible, is there any plan to add that any time soon?

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Hey @bartosz.blimke,

Our product team is working on this, stay updated here:

Yes, you can uncheck the “allow participants to rename themselves” setting:


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Great, thank you @tommy !

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Hello @tommy , I can see this feature has been added when we create a meeting through app or web in this update

Anyway to update Setting to allow participants to join from multiple devices for meetings with registration when we schedule a meeting via “create meeting API” ?

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Hey @tommy
when i create a meeting through zoom create meeting api i used bellow setting
“approval_type” => 0,
“registration_type” => 1,
“allow_multiple_devices”=> false,

But in response i’m getting “allow_multiple_devices”=> true and anyone can join using unique join url from other devices

so how can i “allow_multiple_devices”=> false ? I need quick help