Problem in join multiple meetings through iframe


We just bought a zoom subscription and currently integrating it in our system. We have opening zoom sessions in iframe inside browser, like this:

We are having some problem in joining multiple meetings. When we join first meeting it goes through fine but when we try to join another meeting with a different meeting id we get this message:

Ouraccount username is:

the first meeting that we created had meeting ID:821781510 and it went fine.
the other meeting that we created had meeting ID: 957339522 gave us above text.

Host has another meeting in progress.

Hey @juma.bharadia,

Are you trying to host multiple meetings at once from one user? If so that is not possible.

You will need separate Zoom users (hosts) to run meetings at the same time.


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for your reply.

So to run multiple meetings at once, we need to have multiple user subscriptions?

Also when all of the participants close their meeting windows(joined through iframes) does the meeting ends immediately or it takes time to end ?
right now when we create a first meeting, participants can successfully join it. But when close all windows and create another meeting and try to join it we get the above error.

Hey @juma.bharadia,


The meeting must be ended by the host. Please try ending the meeting before starting the new meeting.