Problem With Audio in VideoCall

Hello Community, I have been requesting your help again …

I am having trouble setting the audio of the called video.

I can see the other person, and the other person can see me, but I can’t hear it, and they can’t hear me.

Audio and video permissions were granted, and it doesn’t throw me any mistakes.

Sorry my English ( I’m from Argentina )

Which version?
SDK version.
ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib(‘’, ‘/av’);

Hey @alberto.belen, your English is very good!

This sounds like the microphone maybe isn’t working.

Can you send a screenshot of the Web SDK audio settings?


Hi @tommy Thanks for your response!

There my screenshot… I allow access to both device


aditional screenshoot


The microphone icon apparently detects my voice, but the person on the other side doesn’t listen to me


Hey @alberto.belen,

May I ask what device and browser or Zoom App is the person on the other end using?

Can you confirm their speakers are on?


Speakers lit ON both sides.
Mic connected both sides.

I can see, and the other person can see me, but none can hear what anyone says

Hey @alberto.belen,

Thanks for providing those details. Can you share the meetingID so I can look at the audio logs?