Production webhook endpoints not calling

We are using the recording completed webhook to get recording information and to download recording for our customers. We have not published our app but want to test with the production creds whether they are working or not. Also we are using Oauth2 setup.

We do not have any errors because we are not getting the calls

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
OAuth app

Which Endpoint/s?
Recordings Completed event for a webhook. And also checked with other event like meeting.started but not getting any hit on the server.


Can you confirm that you’ve installed the production instance of the app under your account? (Using the Publishable URL from the Submit tab of your app)


Hi Will,

Yes we have used the production instance (Publishable Url:- in our app.

Thanks for confirming

Can you also double check that your endpoint is online and returning a 200OK response on receipt of payloads? The reason I ask, is because if this is not the case, it can cause webhooks to silently fail.


We have put the logs in our webhook endpoints so even if this is the case we should at least get those logs. isn’t it? can you open a request with us here and share the Client ID for your app, your endpoint, and some recent meetings for which no webhook was triggered? We will be happy to take a closer look for you.


@will.zoom I have submitted the request.

Thank you. A member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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