Publishing app with no UI

I have a service that grabs report data and writes it to a database for another application to consume. The only UI is to pop up a webview to grant access to my service and store a refresh token to be used later. Apparently this “app” needs to be published to allow our clients to grant this authorization on there Zoom accounts. I have a crude wpf test application that uses the same client id and client secret that the service uses. Is my only option to submit this test application for approval/testing/security audit? The other alternative is to ask the client to create and OAuth app themselves and configure our service to use the client id and client secret that they generate. Are there any suggested alternatives?

Hi @m013n ,

You’ve identified the two best routes at the moment! Here are the list of OAuth scopes you may need to review to help satisfy end-point specific prerequisites and permissions:
OAuth Scopes - OAuth 2.0 - Authorization - Documentation.

Do you have any other questions about this?


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