Publishing webhook only app

We built a webhook only app and want to publish it but it turned out there is no way to do it.

As I understood the only way is to create OAuth app and enable Event subscription there. I did that but I can’t submit it (even for testing?) without oauth redirect URL. What should we do? Build entire oauth flow if we are not going to use it only for submitting?
Thank you!

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Hey @stan1,

Good question! :slight_smile: To publish an OAuth app only with event subscriptions, just make the redirect url a “Thanks for installing” page or something similar to that, notifying the user the app was successfully installed. No need to build the entire OAuth flow. :slight_smile:


@tommy thanks for the help!

I was able to set redirect url and save it but now I can’t test it:

  1. I installed it locally for our account (Local Test page)
  2. I set webhook for development env (Features page -> event subscription -> Event notification endpoint URL [development])
  3. When I record a video in a cloud it doesn’t hit our endpoint.

It worked fine when application was Webhook only. Please advice.

Hey @stan1,

What is the name of your app? I will look to see if you configured everything correctly.


Name is “OneMob for Zoom”. Thank you!

Hey @stan1,

Few things to try:

  1. Make a post request to your webhook endpoint url to see if it is accessible and configured to take in the webhook.

  2. Try reinstalling your app. If you configured the webhook settings after you installed it, you will need to install it again.


  1. It’s accessible from outside, it was first thing I checked out.
  2. Didn’t help

Thanks for letting me know @stan1, let’s discuss in our meeting today.


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