Sound and video lag

we are using web meeting SDK version 2.1.1 and we are facing issues with
meetings, sound and video are lagging too many .
on other side zoom meeting works fine through zoom app

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

**Device **

  • Browser: Chrome

Hi @desouky ,

I have seen this issue shared by another customer as well. Could you please share some of the meeting/webinar ids? Additionally, did all participants experience the same audio/video quality lag?


Hello @gianni.zoom
thank you for your response ,
her it is meeting id : 84774326474 lag occurs with all participants
also we have another problem both host and participants are in meeting but they can’t see each other
also cpu usage increase to 75% i don’t know why

Hey @desouky,

Thanks for following up with us! I checked our logs but wasn’t able to see any cause that would affect all the participants. I’ve since reached out to our engineering team to see if they can offer insight here. I’ll let you know what I hear.



Hello @MaxM ,
i am also facing problem , i create meetings using api with type 2 (scheduled),
with specific start time , and received meeting id and password , when joining this meeting after schedule start time participant can’t see each other and meeting start after 15 to 24 minute from start time , also it count number of participant 1 ,but two participant is in meeting.
example of meetings Ids,



note i need it to be instant meeting but i create it as scheduled as i faced problem before and solution is to make it as type 2

Hey @desouky,

Thanks for following up on this. In regard to the initial issue, are you able to provide timestamps for when you’ve seen this? Are there any other meeting IDs that exhibited the problem?

For the second issue, are you saying that when attempting to start an instant meeting with the Web SDK it doesn’t register the attendees correctly? Does this happen every time you use an instant meeting?


we are using web meeting SDK version 2.1.1 and we are facing issues with
meetings, sound and video lag… is there any update on this?